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Wednesday November 5th, 5:15 PM

Moscow at Lake City (High School Boys & Girls Basketball)

Friday December 7th, 6:45 PM

Moscow vs Kellogg (High School Girls Basketball)

Wednesday December 5th, 8:45 PM

Idaho at Hawaii (College Women’s Basketball)

Friday December 7th, 5:45 PM

Colfax at Columbia Burbank (High School Basketball)

Saturday December 8th, 11:45 AM

Idaho at Wyoming (College Women’s Basketball)

Saturday December 8th, 5:15 PM

Colfax vs St. George’s (High School Basketball)

Wednesday December 5th, 5:30 PM

Idaho at Washington State (College Men’s Basketball)

Saturday December 8th, 6:30 PM

Idaho vs Cal State Bakersfield (College Men’s Basketball)

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Inland Northwest Sports

Inland Northwest Sports

Humane Society of the Palouse

Humane Society of the Palouse